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Takeaways for Every Marketer

Takeaways for Every Marketer

Didn’t get to go to Dreamforce this year? Not to worry. Sr Marketing Manager Marianne Lontoc attended the annual Salesforce event in San Francisco held from September 15-18th. She (and 170,000 of her closest friends) attended some of the 1,500 talks given by leading marketers and salespeople. Below are some of Marianne’s favorite and most interesting takeaways from the talks she attended.The industry is continuing to battle over what it means to create truly great content.

  • Nobody says “I want content” – they decide to engage with content to solve goals. They engage with it because it aligns with their purpose/passion.
  • Consumers choose the brands that engage them on their passions and interests 42% more often than they do those that simply urge them to buy the product being advertised.

Don’t believe the haters. Everything about social is here to stay, brands are still putting huge amounts of marketing dollars towards making themselves successful across social platforms, and new potentially very influential platforms continue to make headway.  

  • Case Study: Volvo sells over $100 million dollars worth of heavy equipment each year and use Social Media (specifically Facebook) as their number one lead driver.
  • Key social stats:
    • 7.4 – the average number of social channels a person has on their smart phone
    • 17 – the average number of times per day a person between the ages of 35-49 checks their FB each day
  • Don’t neglect the long tail social media platforms. Social media’s hidden gem = Quora. Quora has huge reach and great organic traffic.
  • If you aren’t paying for paid social as much as paid search, then you are missing on a huge opportunity.

The battle for customers, eyeballs, share of wallet and brand recognition rages on:

  • There are over 200 marketing channels and by 2017, the CMO will have the largest chunk of the IT budget

Consumers is getting harder to please and buyers are looking for instant results:

  • 1.70 page views per visit to your site
  • 71% have been disappointed by content
  • 80% bounce rate on visits from Adwords
  • 25% will never re-engage if disappointed once
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