VigLink CEO Oliver Roup Speaks at AdWeek 2015

At a well attended AdWeek session called “Content to Commerce: Are we there yet?” VigLink CEO Oliver Roup sat on a panel with some of the very best in the business to discuss the future of online buying and what drives conversion from content. Consumer heads from Twitter and Facebook along with the the CEO of Fuisz Media talked through the past, present and future of commerce via various forms of content, work lessons, and, of course,

Here are some the key takeaways from the panel:

“The pecking order of advertising has been display on the top, blogger on the bottom, but the big properties do not drive commerce activity. Influencers and bloggers are really driving commerce with their readers; reviews and forums are driving engagement and interest and drive conversion.” – Oliver Roup CEO, VigLink

Speaking to the importance of mobile: “50% of women would rather give up their wedding ring rather than their phone.” – Kelly Graziadei Director, Global Ads Product Marketing , Facebook

“33% of commerce will be mobile by end of the year – mobile changes are happening faster than expected. Especially with things like the Buy Now button, we are able to bring commerce to where the consumers want to be.” – Nathan Hubbard Head of Commerce, Twitter

Organic conversation helps to drive discovery and ultimately conversion. Real time platforms allow a tie to the product that helps engage consumers especially when it makes sense for them to be talking about a product in the first place. A display ad does not have the same effect as a timely mention of a product in a Twitter conversation or well-written blog post.

Brands need to be part of the conversation and need to continue find a way to be relevant to consumers through their content. Some brands have gotten quite savvy while others are still catching up. Marketers cannot just stand by and rely on their ad spend instead of their content: more brands will soon realize the power of in feed buying and really having a conversation with their consumers that is timely and genuine. Roup noted “We see the most engagement with organic content – audiences are savvy and know when content is real, making authenticity very important.”

Targeting tools will shape the future and will make sure that content finds its way to the right person, at the right time, at scale. In 3-5 years we can expect a “converged world” with a mobile focus: seamless transition across devices making seeing something at the right time and allowing for simple conversion even more important.



By identifying commercial products mentioned within a publisher’s content, VigLink automatically invigorates those terms by transforming them into revenue generating hyperlinks whose destinations are determined in real-time, advertiser-bid auctions.