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Customer Success Series: TBlake

Entrepreneur and sneaker collector Tyler Blake has made a name for himself as a tastemaker, collector and information hub in the frenzied world of sneakers. Blake started his blog and social media work with a true and enduring love for shoes and his passion shines though with with every post. As he says “For a while I would be going to Costco getting $38 Kirkland Signatures. There is nothing like getting something new, lacing it up and showing your friends. It evolved faster than I could have ever imagined.” From humble beginnings has come a brand, TBlake, with hundreds of thousands of followers across YouTube, Instagram and Twitter showcasing the latest and most prized in sneaker design, new releases and helpful tips on favorite brands and editions. 

“When a brand does approach me and says ‘Hey we’re looking to do something with you,’ I have a record and something that I can show them to prove that effectiveness [with VigLink].” – Tyler Blake, founder of TBlakeCheck out our full profile on TBlake and watch as we tag along with him to All Star Weekend here.

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