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Customer Success Series: Audizine

Anthony Marino has always loved everything about Audis, their modifications and minute details about how to make the cars better, faster and more fun to drive. “Our focus has always been community – an online place for Audi enthusiasts to come together, talk shop, talk cars and share our passion. We have news articles, we have classifieds and whatnot but the forums are really the most important, the most viewed and its all content that the users are writing.” With millions of page views per month, Audizine has become the premier place to talk about Audis anywhere on the Internet and boasts one of the biggest dedicated car forums available. Marino says “modifying cars back in the day was just about the power- making it faster and making it louder. Some of the first things I do to my cars will be to lower them and wheels too. Really sets it apart from the person next door.” Now, hundred of millions of page views and a huge community later, his passion has been shared around the world with Audi enthusiasts everywhere.

“We run VigLink on our forum pages which consist of user-generated content. VigLink Insert scrolls the page and turns product mentions in to links that are auctioned to the highest bidding merchant. We display these links only to non-members and still receive an impressive revenue stream from the partnership.” – Anthony Marino, AudizineBonus: check out the Audizine / Audirama 2014 Behind The Scenes Film here and the official Audizine coverage of the event (and Audizine’s 15th Anniversary!) here.

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Publisher Success Stories,Uncategorized