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Content Tip: Making Halloween Work for Your Content and Brand

Content Tip: Making Halloween Work for Your Content and Brand

Editor’s Note: One of our content contributors, Cameron Houser, wrote this post in order to share her great love of Halloween and the holiday’s related content possibilities. You can DM her on Twitter for pictures of her Ace Ventura and/or Lisa Frank Onesie costumes. She insisted on this picture.  It’s that time of year again! Random houses on your block are covered in oversized pumpkins, clingy fake spiderwebs, large-scale plastic tombstones and (from true Halloween enthusiasts) the occasional life-size-witch-and-bubbling-cauldron scene. At work, every third office has candy corn, and those of us who have to be at the office the Friday before Halloween have to make that inevitable yearly choice: to dress up or not to dress up regardless of how professional you are or how important your meetings are that day. Having worn my “Ace Ventura Visits the Insane Asylum” outfit at least 5 times, I am looking to branch out this year. Minorly. Perhaps to a professional athlete of some sort (US Women’s Soccer Team apparel, perhaps a Patriots jersey), or maybe even something extra overwhelming like the Lisa Frank Leopard onesie (similar here) I purchased in a pinch from Urban Outfitters last year. Whatever your appetite for October 31, Halloween is undeniably a great opportunity to publish engaging and money-making content. Here are a few ways to think about incorporating Halloween into your posts:

  1. If you take a look at the paragraph above, I both questioned and championed adult Halloween while sneaking in some strong product placement. The more you can be genuine about your thoughts on Halloween (amusement, love of candy corn and conflict over costumes, if you happen to be me) while also placing favorite products, the more successful your content will be.
  2. Get outside the box. Perhaps you are not a big Halloween fan but wish you were. Perfect. Post about the ultimate Halloween (which probably involves a custom, a party, many carved pumpkins brought to you by extra sharp and fancy knives, and all the candy anyone could ever want). All of these callouts require strong product placement and visuals- the makings of an excellent post.
  3. Use your Halloween experiences of the past to talk about what the holiday will look like for you in 2015. From where have you ordered the components of your best outfits? What is your favorite candy? How will you dress up your kids and what will you cook for everyone to celebrate? Each of these questions can lead to a strong opportunity for product placement.
  4. If you are truly strapped for content, a dressed up pet or pet Halloween meme will always suffice (see above)

Whatever your Halloween plans may be, don’t miss this opportunity to capitalize on one of the best holidays of the year!

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