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Google Unveils Shopper Insights Data Product

Google Unveils Shopper Insights Data Product

At the WSDJLive event today (yes the very same where Elizabeth Holmes took the stage to refute the WSJ’s charges against her company), Google showed off a new product that gives premium data to merchants in Google Shopping network. As the Journal reported, “the Shopping Insights tool shows the products people are searching for in more than 16,000 U.S. cities and towns. The initial version covers over 5,000 products on sale through its Shopping ad service and is updated monthly.” The introduction video shows some sleek graphics explaining the differences, a product level, between the performance of the X Box One vs PS4 on black Friday in New York and LA last year. The products saw vastly different search analytics per geography, underscoring the importance of localized search knowledge just in time for the 2015 holiday rush to begin.VigLink CEO Oliver Roup commented “This is a smart move by Google: exposing merchants to product search query data but only for products listed on Google Shopping. Ebay had a strategy to offer services to merchants that they have abandoned with the sale of GSI commerce but Google is in a great position to deploy that strategy here in their fight against Amazon. What will be interesting is that Amazon could in theory also expose this type of query data to sellers but historically have been totally opposed to doing so.”The Google tool will help retailers by geography, mobile vs desktop search data and will focus more on aggregating multivariate search terms as opposed to just key words. What remains to be seen will be the impact of this product and the growth of the Shopping network, though Google Shopping has already been called a success and makes around $2B a year. Those familiar with Google’s data offerings such as Google Trends will find that the Shopping Insights a big step in the overall effort to arm its retailers “with deeper insights about users’ intent and context.” Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 2.32.29 PM

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Announcements,Data and Trends,Industry News,Uncategorized