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6 tips from the Best Holiday Posts of 2014

6 Tips from the best holiday posts of 2014We took a look back through posts from the Holiday Season last year to find some examples of the posts with the best content and most lucrative links. While each of these links might not be about topics you and your brand can or should write about, taking the overall cue from the post and abstracting why it might have been popular could be helpful as you work to make your links as popular as possible. Herewith, 6 tips from the Best Holiday Posts of 2014:Give the Holidays Your Spin
While Property Divas might have myriad options for gift lists and ways to think about selling holiday cheer, they instead brought an expert to make this top-earning post credible, readable and successful. In the words of Property Divas, they asked “home guru Alison Cork (who) has built up a formidable reputation as a trusted homes and interiors expert, with an unfailing eye for value and style” to curate a selection of items that could be found on her blog and ecommerce site. Not only did this post read very believably with a genuine tone and great tips, it also didn’t appear overly commercial because it only had a few links and one promotional code call out. Make Events Something To Share
Mommy Poppins, a site about getting more out of living in New York City with kids, had a very strong post about the famous Macy’s Santaland. The descriptive article essentially walks a mom through what this event is, the logistical basics, tips for having the best time and things not to miss. The content is not only genuine but also points out an event that the readers will clearly want to go to and will likely convert on based on the depth of the research and presentation. Bring your Popular Content Back
Both the Curvy Fashionista and She Knows repurposed popular posts for the holidays as they knew the posts would do well again, especially with shopping top of mind. The Curvy Fashionista published an older post about extended calf boot-buying, while She Knows pushed the best gift boxes for kids. Each did very well again during Holiday 2014, no doubt due to relevant content alongside excellent gift ideas. Another note on the Curvy Fashionista piece: studies have found that holiday shoppers will often shop for themselves during the holidays. Be sure to mix in gift guides with information about purchases that your readers might want for themselves!Take Advantage of Aggregating Key Deals in Your Space
C-Net captured the imagination of readers with various different headlines focusing on their review of the best Cyber Monday deals. “The Cheapskate’s best Cyber Monday deals” did the best of these write-ups with its clickable headline and roundup of various deals on hot items last year. The CTA at the end of the article is also strong because it asks for reader’s further comments on the deals they’ve seen and want to share. Pocket Lint also followed suit with “Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2014: Best deals and sales in the US” featuring an extremely detailed list by retailer which was very effective. Doing the homework of actually going through and itemizing price and various discounts resulted in a one of the stronger posts of Holiday 2014.

Work on Your Headlines
Another sure bet will be anything with “lowest price ever” in the title. The term searches well of course, and it doesn’t hurt that a nifty, sought-after gadget was at a very low price when Peta Pixel published this post in late November 2014. The full eye catching title: “Super Fast, Well-Reviewed, Portable 2TB WD Hard Drive Selling for Lowest Price Ever.” While a technology-focused blog like Peta Pixel can get away with this type of heavily promotional headline, it’s easy to take the key components from their title to push your posts offering great deals. Using the social cue of “well-reviewed” to shout out many people love and want this product was also a power move that helped the success of this post. Knowing what other people say about a product is important- you can always look and see how its trending on sites like Amazon before posting!Distract from the Shopping Grind with Travel (and travel gifts!)
Lastly, while people might have holiday shopping on the mind, they can likely be distracted by some really beautiful and enticing vacation imagery and deals! Destination travel spots that you have been to before or would like to go in the future can always be made into great posts. You might also include a set of travel gifts to go along with the destination you’ve chosen. This post, from Touropia, was one of the top earners of Holiday 2014. Selling the Thailand tropical dream turned out to be both totally beautiful and lucrative.

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