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What We’re Reading

What We’re Reading

We love great content too! Compiled by one of our blog contributors, Cameron Houser, here is what VigLink is reading this week:

  1. There has been a lot of talk about what social media really means to the rest of us. While many people (ahem, those of us old enough not to have grown up with Instagram) think of social media as a lovely distraction, there is also growing concern that famous social media personalities might be pushing their perfect lives too far in the eyes of their audiences. Enter: Socality Barbie, the most perrrrfect social media star there ever was. Brightening our days with witticisms directed at the succulent-filled, Kinfolk-inspired aesthetics, self serving commentary and pitiful promotion, SB not only made us laugh but also started some great conversations about the feeds we love to hate and where our social media obsession is really taking us. Today, SB’s creator finally identified herself when she announced she would be shutting down the feed leaving us, according to Wired, without a hero. Perhaps. Read the full story from Wired here.
  2. Stars. Thumbs up. And now, HEARTS! What a time to be alive.
  3. Despite a somewhat questionable hero image choice, TechCrunch published a great read on The Honest Company’s new app which combines commerce with… makeup tips. What’s interesting here is not that Honest, a company with a $1.7B valuation as of last August, has expanded into the natural beauty space, not that the company was founded by Jessica Alba, but instead that the Honest Beauty line was launched almost right alongside its own app. Honest took the leap of faith in a category that is winable but crowded, so augmenting with very user friendly, additive content-driven app with easy ordering capabilities could give the company an edge in this category.
  4. Basecamp founder (and mostly, builder of a lot of good Internet things) Jason Fried wrote a pretty great takedown of startup culture which he then presented at a pretty pricey and well-attended international startup event. Hats off to you, Jason. Dents in the universe for all.
  5. And finally, what kind of article wrapup would this be if I did not talk about either the New England Patriots or some kind of modern architecture. You’re lucky its the latter: Muji, the store with the cutest name and the biggest place in our wannabe Japanese everything hearts, recently opened three adorable tiny prefab homes to model the company’s beloved design strategy of simplicity and “just enough.” Fine. We will all run off to the hills/ pastures/ weird parking lots of our dreams and build some tiny homes too. Fine.
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