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A Quick Tour of Think With Google

A Quick Tour of Think With Google

There was a bit of skepticism when Google first announced its new logo, name change, overall rebrand and confusing structure by which all things would now happen in our days (because everything we do seems to be somehow Google powered, so prolific has whatever-the-company’s-name-is become).It wasn’t until recently that I was… yes, googling, to find some shopping trends data that I stumbled upon the new and improved Think With Google. Very much the product of an obvious push to make data useful, aesthetically pleasing and much more accessible, Think with Google was not only a great surprise but also really, really helpful. Here are a couple of highlights: 

  1. The Marketer’s Almanac. This brilliant and easily looked over section lives down by the footer of the main page. Data-rich posts are categorized by month and trends are keyed to the time of year to help marketers think strategically about tentpole events and past data. Of course I got sucked into an article about unboxing videos on YouTube, which have seen a whopping 67% growth over last year.Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 3.25.24 AM
  2. Also not to be missed are the various topics with pretty rich content already covered under each. Look around for things of interest!

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 3.30.58 AM              Poking around on Think With Google felt like I had stumbled upon a part of Google that I wasn’t supposed to know about, even though the company has clearly but some strong data brains and designers behind putting out this beautiful platform. Clearly Google has a desire to make sure merchants and publications both see the company as capable of giving them the best data, as the Shopping Insights tool is seeking to do (click the link to see our coverage of the product’s launch). But this data is also just plain interesting for the rest of us and anyone seeking to know a bit more about consumer behavior on the internet in general. Bravo Google. Err, Alphabet.

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Advertisers,Data and Trends,Industry News,Publisher Resources