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Maximizing the Capabilities of Your VigLink Dashboard

When used to your advantage, the VigLink dashboard can be a very powerful tool to help you consistently earn more from your content. We’ve put together several resources for you to learn more about your dashboard so you can take full advantage of all its capabilities.First up, a quick video introduction to your VigLink dashboard:

Additionally, we offer a full section about the Dashboard in the VigLink Help Center.Lastly, a few quick questions and answers about the dashboard that might be helpful right this very moment:Q: Why does my dashboard take some time to load?
A: The new dashboard displays an increased amount of data; therefore, on occasion, the page takes a few seconds to load. Note that we are continuing to work on improving load time, so know that the dashboard is working and that we appreciate your patience!Q: How often does VigLink update my totals?
A: With the increased amount of data in the new version of the dashboard, clicks, page views, and revenue are updated once daily.Q: Why do I have clicks but not any revenue?
A: In order to earn revenue with Viglink, you must refer your readers to merchants and those users must make a purchase.  VigLink generally works on a CPA (Cost Per Action) system, though we do have some CPC merchants, so revenue is usually dependent on purchases made.Q: Where can I find revenue by day?
A: In the new dashboard there is not a “Revenue by Day” section or calendar view. However, you can hover over a given day on the chart to see revenue earned.Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 1.39.45 PMHopefully this helps you navigate your dashboard more easily but as always you can contact us anytime with questions and we will help you get things sorted!

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Data and Trends,Publisher Resources