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Customer Success: Riley & Grey

Customer Success: Riley & Grey

Wedding blog and custom wedding website maker Riley & Grey has become an authority on all things modern and fashionable wedding. Not only does their blog curate some of the most forward-thinking content in the wedding industry, but their website building business helps couples avoid the all-to-sour pill to swallow of the dreaded wedding website conundrum. With content ranging from event locations and party photos to outfits and even modern baby accoutrement, Riley & Grey not only takes the photos of the things a modern couple might want but also helps couples maximize their style at every touchpoint.Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 3.13.37 PM
VigLink is a great monetization tool for us because it enables us to earn additional revenue and provides insight without any extra overhead. With access to their APIs, integrating their technology with our site required no effort on our part.” – Founder Matthew Jones  

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