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Promoting Amazon Prime: A New Way to Earn More

Promoting Amazon Prime: A New Way to Earn More

Among the myriad ways to work with Amazon this holiday season, one overlooked excellent offer is helping your readers become Amazon Prime members. Whenever promoting products through Amazon, its worth mentioning what that product could cost with a Prime Membership. This can be done a number of ways – here are a few top suggestions.

  1. When you are working on a gift list, check through Amazon for a couple of possible items. List the products with their regular prices as well as what signing up for a Prime Membership that day would make them cost. Amazon offers this at the end of all of their checkouts and we recommend that publishers do the same.
  2. Focus a post on the items you love most and use on a regular basis that can be found on Amazon. Just because its the Holiday Season doesn’t mean you cannot promote Amazon’s great service and accessibility for simple things. Just about any post can be tailored to feature Amazon so get creative and always mention Prime. Some ideas might be holiday decor, the must have items in every kitchen for holiday cooking, last minute gift ideas, and of course Prime itself…
  3. … Make giving Amazon Prime a gift on your gift guide! Amazon (of course!) allows for Prime to be given as a gift, great for everyone and a really unique addition to any gift guide.
  4. Prime Membership isn’t just about quick shipping anymore! Amazon has added a host of other products and opportunities to take advantage of as part of Prime’s offering. Take advantage of some of these, such as Amazon Video and Amazon Photo. Amazon frequently runs promotions around Prime to tell your readers about: today Amazon is offering the chance to win $25k by listening to Amazon Music daily through December 5.

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