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Setting Content Goals for 2016

Setting Content Goals for 2016

Like all publishers, we are going through our 2016 planning process and attempting to put together what we think are some quarterly goals for our content. Why not share some of the metrics and other goals we are starting to form for 2016? Hopefully these will help you a little bit as you do your planning for next year as well!

  1. Design improvements to our blog. We are looking at moving a few things around as well as some A-B testing to see what is most used and pleasing to our readership. Design decisions should always be informed by testing. We are going to be using Optimizely for various tests. For more information on testing a site, check out AB test masters AirBnb who have nerded out to the max on this subject and are very knowledgeable!
  2. Growing our engagement with other organizations. Whether through webinars, events or even just guest blogging, we hope that we will be able to bring you more interesting content via some well-chosen partners in 2016.
  3. Metrics. We are working hard to improve across all our metrics but have determined a few as most important for our business. Getting these metrics out front has been a huge part of our planning process and will drive decision making about what types of posts we write, when we post, how we run our email digest and many other choices. For more thoughts on important content metrics, here is a great read from Contently.
  4. Getting outside the box! Ideating about what types of content we will find most interesting, what types of stuff we will be most excited to write and share, what our audiences might not get other places on which we can provide a fresh perspective. We are going to look everywhere for inspiration and bring you the best and brightest of what’s out there in 2016.

More to come on this, but please let us know what questions come up as you start to plan your content. We want to make sure your 2016 is your highest earning year yet!

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