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What We’re Reading

What We’re Reading

Happy Holidays! And thank goodness for stock photos!We’ve been enjoying some great content this week and hope you’ll love it too. We’ve compiled some deep reading to keep you busy as you plane, train and automobile your way to friends and family the next couple of weeks. Also, please keep the comments, tweets and other shoutouts coming. We love them and are so glad you’re enjoying what we’re up to over here on the VigLink blog.Below I take a turn towards true holiday senioritis, heading to corners of the Internet that will bring you great delight and aid in your pre-twoish-weeks-off procrastination. Read up, share, and then go get your work done. – CammyHerewith, what we’re reading this week:

  1. Despite TNW’s deplorable display ads reader experience (just one more reason to love the seamless, calming UX of a link…), the headline “This guy on Product Hunt just killed Facebook’s Business Model” was eye catching. Read about this feed curation technology here.
  2. The current election might be threatening to damage whatever is left of my faith in US politics, but I am still fascinated by what happens in the White House on a daily basis (I was an ardent West Wing fan, after all). As usual, the New York Times answers my hereto unheard cries for the more interesting details with a near-perfect piece on the awkwardness that is the White House Holiday Party Photo Line. Juicy tidbit hunters rejoice! Spoiler: the best lines of the article (IMHO): “Eagerly anticipated, sometimes politically fraught and often agonizingly awkward, photo-line banter with the president has become a staple of the holiday season in Washington, where yuletide ritual meets professional opportunism — all in the course of about six seconds.‘You need to bomb the Iranian nuclear facilities,’ Representative Michele Bachmann, Republican of Minnesota, told Mr. Obama last year in one such brief exchange, taking advantage of her last holiday soiree with the president before leaving Congress. The president told her that it was not that simple.”I lol’d.
  3. We haven’t had a lot of 3-D printer coverage on this blog so here I am, impressing upon you the importance and beauty of 3-D printed HERMIT CRAB HOMES. Please don’t say I never gave you the newsiest news.
  4. Thank you, Refinery29, for covering gifts that give back (my favorites!). And for assuring that a llama clad in Christmas duds made an appearance on this gift list.
  5. The guy who famously upped the price on lifesaving medication from $13.50 to $730 per tablet was arrested today and the Internet was psyched. Just one more reason to be nice. Also one more reason never, ever, ever make the Internet mad. The internet will get you! And then talk about it with endless wit and zero mercy on Twitter!
  6. If adult coloring books aren’t on your gift lists yet, they should be. Here, the well-loved Ampersand takes a turn as the main subject: the perfect gift for those Elements of Style fans in your life.
  7. NPR reminds us that being nice isn’t just good for others; we can now be nice out of self interest as well. According to researchers, helping others during the day gives us higher recorded instances of positive emotions, which then translates into healthier emotional well-being. But don’t try to fake it! Authenticity is key, thankfully.And on that note, I leave you with one last gift from the Internet: Obama x Hotline Bling.See you in the 2016!


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