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Customer Success: GamersNexus

Customer Success: GamersNexus

GamersNexus continues to be one of the most successful and popular games, hardware, information technology and general gaming information sites on the internet today. With a robust forum and strong user generated content alongside reliable and constantly on point news and reviews, GamersNexus is a go to destination and one of our favorite customers. As managing editor Steve Burke says, “VigLink has provided a substantial, unparalleled boost to our revenue that contributed to the profitability of the business. The biggest hurdle with affiliation is keeping track of various revenue streams and ensuring thresholds are hit each month. VigLink combines them all and handles payments, giving us the ability to link to sites we wouldn’t normally, maximizing revenue potential.” Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 7.24.59 AM
“VigLink’s staff offer personalized, site-specific advice to bolster performance. The staff treats optimization questions like a personal challenge, ensuring creative solutions for publishers. We had to choose between VigLink and a major competitor last year, ultimately choosing VigLink. The quality of support at VigLink has routinely assured us that we made the right choice.” – Steve Burke(Photos from GamersNexus) blog-CTA-v2-1

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