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End of Year Lists (Part 2)

End of Year Lists (Part 2)

As promised, here is our second installment of the best of 2015 lists. They just keep getting better! It appears the End of Year list favors the procrastinator as we have seen a significant uptick and quality, esoteric subject matter and of course, Star Wars. As we sign off later this week for a little break, we wanted to leave you with even more of what was great in 2015.Herewith, a continuation of End of Year Lists (Part 1): a list of more lists!

  1. Google released their year in search list for 2015 on yet another beautifully designed microsite. This year, tech folk were confused while regular OK Magazine readers were unsurprised to find Lamar Odom atop all searches. It takes a couple of clicks to get there, but you can find fully categorized search rankings here. We’ve decided these queries can either make us feel badly about the world (what does it say about us as a humanity that our top search was for Lamar Odom?) or we can be pleased that we were looking up things like “How do dogs wag their tail?” and that we still need to look up “How to walk in heels.” Sadly nothing having to do with saving the world or quantum physics made it to the top, but really what did we expect.
  2. Spoiler: not a list. But, awesomely, Serena Williams is the 2015 Sportswoman of the Year. SI put together a beautiful video about not only Serena’s impact on sports in 2015 but also speaking to the way in which she’s handled her public persona and the causes for which she stands. Serena amazingly impressive as well as being relatable and interesting. Her various pursuits are commendable (and cool!) outside of tennis, and the video and story are well worth a few minutes to watch and read.
  3. Coming in with a strong list of lists as well as pretty far up on the “totally random but ok we’ll humor it” scale is Rolling Stone’s 2015 20 Best Lists. Everything from NBA logos to “Presidential Candidates Ranked by Their Supporters’ Grammar” is covered here. See you in 3-5 hours.
  4. BuzzFeed, a list lovers’ paradise, made it hard to choose what to feature. Was it the 25 Best Tumblr Memes of 2015, the 17 Funniest Tweets About Grammar (clearly close to our hearts over here at the VigLink blog) or perhaps The Cutest Puppies of 2015, (which is a pretty big stake to put in the Internet ground, BuzzFeed)? We also recommend BuzzFeed for list finding because of their amazing penchant for the truly specific: not just Vines, not just dogs, and not just important but the 16 Most Important Dog Vines of 2015. Wow.
  5. Vanity Fair brings us the highly entertaining 2015 Year in Hair and (update!) The Year in Kate Middleton’s Hair. Wow again.
  6. Our list would be incomplete without the New York Times Best Books of 2015, all of which we will add to our list. Bonus: Notable Children’s Books of 2015, also from the NYT!

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