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Star Wars Content: Winners, Losers, Strong Medium-Level Weirdness

Star Wars Content: Winners, Losers, Strong Medium-Level Weirdness

With the Star Wars premiere past us, the hype has somewhat died down and its time to take a look at who put the best Star Wars-related content together. Our publishers saw some winners ranging from Star Wars measuring cups, the Death Star Waffle MakerStar Wars Bladebuilders Jedi Master Lightsaber, Star Wars Legendary Jedi Master Yoda, PlayStation 4 500GB Limited Edition Star Wars Battlefront Console and many, many more. It was a great moment to capitalize on search, product and general relevancy for content, so it came as no surprise that publishers and companies of all kinds took advantage – with mixed results. We’ll let you decide for yourself which content really captured pop culture’s 2015 breakthrough moment best (and leave you feeling great about Disney’s licensing agreements with apparently everyone).

  1. JCrew joined the party in their own delightfully high-brow way. Jenna Lyons and her content team tend to make it count and Star Wars, though a slightly less likely brand fit, was no different. JCrew put together an entire capsule collection to take advantage of the blockbuster x holiday moment. Find their “9 Reasons We Love Star Wars” feature here.
  2. Time’s infographic on just how big the opening of The Force Awakens really was here. Jurassic World psssssh.
  3. PBS put out an… interesting feature on how to “Eat Like a Jedi” showing off the impressive number of co-branded products Star Wars has signed for this edition. Included: Cheerios, Go Gurt, Gummies, a bunch more cereal, CoffeeMate (?), cookies, CheezIts!, and of course, toothpaste. Thank goodness for the toothpaste.
  4. Thanks HiConsumption for literally any possible listened object we might have missed and ThisIsWhyImBroke for the Baby Yoda Costume.
  5. Darth Trump would indicate that someone is either brilliant or has a little too much time on their hands.
  6. Star Wars on the runway from Vogue. Fashion = not above the strongest trend around, even if the designs aren’t exactly our picks.
  7. While some people will immediately hate you, a good spoiler headline and argument is always welcome with big ticket news items like Star Wars.  Slate brought that exact argument here (and yes, SPOILER ALERT).
  8. More on that Waffle Maker from Eater. “Waffle. Or do not waffle. There is no try.”

(And while we’re on it, a kind reminder from USA Today about checking your content. Again and again and again. It seems the paper featured Star Trek photography just under its Star Wars headline. While this is probably an unfortunate coincidence, it still pays to make sure your content is tidy and makes sense across the board!)Have more thoughts on the best Star Wars content? Please comment below! blog-CTA-v2-1 

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