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How to Write About CES (even if you’re at home)

How to Write About CES (even if you’re at home)

This year, anywhere from 150,000- 175,000 technology enthusiasts, industry insiders and members of the media will descend on Las Vegas for the annual nerdfest known as the Consumer Electronics show. Product unveilings are numerous, hundreds and hundreds of private parties are hard to get in to and full of fancy people, and the who’s who of consumer tech will likely be  around every corner (even if you cannot recognize them). While this is one of the years most important trade shows, insiders say that its nearly impossible to see and do everything while there, and even if in attendance they often get their news from Twitter and the usual suspects. Perfect coverage for those of us not in Vegas this week!Here are a few of our tips to make sure you can be a part of the CES conversation even if you’re not playing penny slots at 5a tomorrow:

  1. Keep an eye on #CES on Twitter and Instagram. Even if you don’t break the news in the first minute about a big company’s newest new thing, you can break it to your community in the second minute with some strong sleuthing.
  2. Write daily wrap-ups: which product launches and announcements were most interesting to you from the day and which would your community find most compelling? Keep a running list, collect strong photos if possible and make sure to double check your facts!
  3. Look for coverage like “Here Are 6 Must-See Tech Categories for Marketers at CES From smart lawnmowers to budget-friendly VR” from AdWeek, or Fortune’s version here so you can write about overall trends seen around the show. There is more content on CES than the Internet knows what to do with, so use whats been put together already. Shout out to AdWeek for original artwork here as well – if you do have a designer with some open time, this could be a great week to use them.
  4. Make lists by company to highlight the things your community will love- major makers of just about everything will be in attendance and anyone from Lego to Nike to Apple to a brand new smart bra maker  and all will have updates throughout the week. The big stories of the hour will quickly shift (this morning was the new Faraday Future car, for instance) so make sure you stay on top of the trending big company announcements as they come up on the CES schedule.
  5. Speaking of the schedule, there is an actual schedule of keynotes and other interesting coverage. You can check out the Verge’s annotated version here. Given the amount of overlap, the CES schedule definitely favors those of us watching from home.
  6. When in doubt, offer an opinion such as Popular Science’s “LG Just Made the World’s Laziest Refrigerator” or Fortune contributor Ewan Spence’s “Just Say No to CES.”

No matter where you are this week, if you cover any form technology there is likely to be something for you to talk about with CES. Stay on it and stay relevant!(Photo from the Seattle Timesblog-CTA-v2-1 

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