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2016 Content Resolutions

2016 Content Resolutions

We are big on resolutions here at VigLink (check back for our Wall of Resolutions, going up this week in the office) and resolving to make sure we are working hard on different aspects of our content is no different.Given that the first week of the year is here and we are finally getting back in the swing of things, we recommend sharing your resolutions with your communities, whatever they may be. Our publishers work in myriad industries and have different goals to meet, but we feel its worth sharing with your community what those goals might be each year to get them excited and keep them coming back. Adding a personal touch to a piece also helps switch up your cadence a bit. Here are some of our ideas for resolution lists that you might share

  1. Share the products that will help you keep resolutions this year. Maybe its a journal like the Happiness Planner, or scheduling/ organizing your trips well ahead of time so you make sure to hit your vacation goals, keeping your to-dos tidy with the best productivity app, or leaving the office by a certain time each day as told to you by your favorite alarm app.
  2. Compose a piece about the features you hope to bring to your readership. Are you introducing new content or contributors? Are you going to be hosting weekly or biweekly AMAs or adding a new piece of consistent content into the mix? Whatever it may be, just taking the step to write about it for your community will likely keep you more accountable.
  3. Share a short version of your content calendar to show people how you think about scheduling your posts.
  4. Get inspired. One of our coworkers read The Martian after hearing the more technical aspects of the novel were crowdsourced: why not think about your content creation differently this year? Maybe open up more forums or ask for more user-generated content via comments, giveaways etc. There are also great ways to spruce up your interactive content and really drive users to engage with all that you are telling them. This article from Marketing Profs has some fun and easily adapted ideas.
  5. Play nicely with others! If you have what another pub is doing, ask to work with them somehow this year. Guest posts, collaborations, co-hosting a podcast or event, and other partnership opportunities abound. Share more toys in the proverbial sandbox to benefit everyone.

Good luck with your resolution list building! We would love to hear about some of your plans for 2016 as you make them so please reach out to us! blog-CTA-v2-1

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