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Trending: Travel

Trending: Travel

With the holidays behind us and snowstorms looming, gift lists have given way to dreams of warm, sunny beach vacations in exotic locales. Its time the of year to star longingly at all the Resort Collections, for fashion bloggers to jump between winter essentials and beach coverups, and for the travel blogs to talk about getting away to fancy foreign ski slopes or sandy spits. Even if you’re not a travel writer, we recommend getting on board with spring break planning, flight deals and destination write-ups as early and often as possible!A few travel post tips:

  1. Help your community find great travel spots with your own spin. If you usually write about your family, talk about places to take the kids (or not!) that are family friendly. If you typically focus on food, help your community find the best places to make a pilgrimage for something extra special (pop quiz: guess the super famous spot below!). Just because travel deals are all the rage right now and the topic might be a little out of norm for you doesn’t mean you suddenly have to look and sound like a travel agent. Example: Riley & Grey’s “Honeymoon Scout” series, which makes for delightful reading honeymoon scouting or not!Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 4.56.40 PM
  2. Pictures. Pictures. Pictures. The right photo of an inspiring place will sell. Make sure you take advantage of the stock and professional photography available (and plenty of it) when posting about a trip. Example: Maxim’s post called “Get Lost at this Ultra Lush Sustainable Hotel in Sri Lanka,” showing off a gorgeous hotel and its amenities in paradise.Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 4.23.02 PM
  3. Give your readers options around your destination of choice to make it sound more enticing and help them what will matter to them: culture, ambiance, activities, lack of activities, luxury, relative lack of luxury, food, nightlife, adventure or other opportunities will enrich a post and help readers get a well-rounded perspective of a place. You never know what might connect with someone or help them really picture themselves somewhere. Get as detailed as possible and keep things interesting. Example: Design Milk’s running column called “Destination Design” which features a design-forward hotel in a far flung spot every month but also adds in details about food options, community activities and other aspects of the surrounding area that design lovers might want to see.Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 4.45.40 PM

A quick spin through our Merchant Explorer will tell you who’s got the commissions you most want to feature for flights, hotels, fashion and other categories. We will be releasing new commissions and other travel related news all winter long so be sure to check back early and often.(Photos from our friends at Maxim, Design Milk, and Riley & Grey) blog-CTA-v2-1

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