52 Tips: #1 (and an explanation of our 52 Tips project)



For more tips on photos, growing your Instagram following and maximizing social media earnings, check out:

  1. Buffer’s guide to gaining Instagram followers.
  2. Former HubSpot data scientist’s Dan Zarella’s Social Media big data learnings about which types of Instagram photos do best.
  3. Kodak’s guide to taking great photos (specifically ‘Watch The Light’).
  4. Blogger Marianna Hewitt’s video on how to edit iPhone photos.
  5. WhoWhatWear’s summary of Amiee Song’s photo tips (hint: lighting and background!).




52 Tips is a new Friday feature from VigLink. Each Friday will post a tip about all things content, writing, motivation, monetization and a few fun and random tidbits here and there. We hope you’ll love them, share them and find them useful!





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