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Content Ideas for February

Content Ideas for February

Happy Almost February! Where did January go?February is a really strong content month, full of events and opportunities to showcase great commissions in your content. Here are some of our thoughts on the strongest content for February 2016.Valentines Day (Feb 14) – With the holiday of love fast approaching, be sure to give your readers gift lists soon in order to allow for shipping times. Same gift list rules apply – check out our writeup on different gift list ideas here!Travel – February tends to be a hot month for travel posts, deals and opportunities of all kinds. Not only are there major deals to be had, but people are generally in the mood to get away from inclement weather or head off to more inclement weather (for the skiers out there). As we mention in our guide to writing travel posts, even if you don’t usually cover travel, take advantage of strong commissions in February and give a travel post or two your spin. As always check to see which travel-related merchants and advertisers are giving the best commissions on the Merchant Explorer to earn the most from every travel piece you write as rates will fluctuate across the month.Awards Season – The Grammys (Feb 15) and the Academy Awards (Feb 28). Favorite movies? Albums? Playlists? Get those links out there.The Superbowl (Feb 7)– Even though the Patriots lost you can still try to enjoy the Superbowl (no? just me? ok.) and put together some fun content around what party you might throw, what you will do instead of watching (always popular) and which ads or parts of the halftime show you are most looking forward to. We recommend putting something out in the week leading up to the game. Don’t forget things like fashionable football apparel, the best cookbooks for tailgating and, of course, an ice luge.President’s Day (Feb 15)– sales sales sales! Make sure to look through the Merchant Explorer to see who’s pushing Presidents Day commission changes, especially on infrequently discounted big ticket items.International fashion weeks – New York, London and Milan fashion weeks all happen in February. Fashion and non fashion bloggers alike can enjoy talking about the trends from these shows and putting forth some great spring items from various retailers. Also another excuse to mention travel!Wellness – January resolutions have by now died a slow death, gyms are starting to have a normal amount of guests again and flipping your downward dog in yoga no longer results in landing on your neighbor’s lap, but that doesn’t mean its not time to remind your community of wellness. February might even be a more accessible time to “start” resolutions or a 2016 wellness plan. Reignite everyone’s excitement by pairing workout plans with clothing/ accessories, play lists and other fun parts of a fitness routine. VigLink Merchant, provides it’s audience with fresh and inspiring content year-round. They also offer a variety of wellness products for sale at a 5% commission rate on return customers, and more importantly a 15% commission rate on new customers! This means if someone goes to from your blog and makes a purchase for the first time, you receive 15% of the total order value!Until March….– Cameron and The VigLink Marketing Team  blog-CTA-v2-1

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