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What We’re Reading

What We’re Reading

Herewith… what we’re reading at VigLink this week:

  1. Amazon is just getting started. That might not sound particularly academic, but given that the company has somehow grown its Prime subscribers 35% this year on top of finally seeing the margins investors had been hoping for since around 1997, the tidal wave is coming. To understand its scale, we offer these facts: Amazon is now a real, actual competitor for purchasing original programming at film industry events like Sundance (outbidding NetFlix multiple times this year). Amazon now has many million square foot warehouses. For more on warehouse worker secrets, check out Mental Floss’ articleAs for everyone else….
  2. Speaking of Sundance, there is a new awesome movie you’ll know about in 2016: The Birth of a Nation. The premier at Sundance earned the moving a many minutes long standing ovation as well as a $17M bid from Fox for the rights (neither Netflix or Amazon won the bidding war, reportedly because they have lesser Academy Awards track records). Expect to see Oscar written all over the film as the contentious awards cycle refocuses on inclusion and setting the record straight in 2017.
  3. Iowa Everything. In a political race that is turning out to be far more dramatic and downright strange than predicted, Monday should be very interesting. That’s all on that topic.
  4. Drops mic.
  5. Comes back.
  6. NPR reports Beatrix Potter has a new book about a frisky cat who is better looking than all of us. Illustrated by Quentin Blake (of Roald Dahl’s illustrations fame) the book will be out, much to my obvious great delight, in September.
  7. Whats going to be happening in digital marketing in 2016? A thoughtful writeup here.
  8. Its Mozart’s birthday! For those curious, Brain Pickings tells us a bit more about his daily routine.
  9. Two extremely interesting articles this week by way of The Business of Fashion: the first about who really drives the luxury goods market and the second about the rise and fall and mostly rise again of athleisure empire Lululemon. Remember, if you’re a fashion blogger be sure to include brands offering high commission rates such as Shoeaholics & Kurt Geiger (both offering a 9% CPA commission) in your content.
  10. ATTENTION! UPDATE: google “You have distracted from my creative process tweet” and try to remind yourself that this person represents our generation in many ways. Yikes.

Happy reading! blog-CTA-v2-1 

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