Rise and Shine with DoubleDutch

Would you be interested in going to an event that serves you mimosas & breakfast at a venue overlooking the city? Joined by some of the top industry experts sharing their secrets to marketing success? I know, I said yes too. Let’s be real…they had me at mimosas.

On Tuesday, we found ourselves at the gorgeous Spanish Suite in the Clift Hotel listening to two of the top event marketers share their extensive experience with hosting successful events. DoubleDutch hosted the event with panelists from Optimizely (Andrea O’Connor, Event Marketing Manager)  and Gainsight (Anthony Kennada, VP of Marketing)

Throughout the 1 hour panel session (which by the way was the perfect amount of time to learn something new, but get back to the office to get work done!), they shared their overall marketing strategy and gave us insight into how events are key elements of their cohesive plan. They also expressed the importance of the ability to demonstrate ROI through event marketing. A few of our key takeaways from the panelists are below:

  • With an industry shift towards Account Based Marketing, events are the perfect vehicle to engage and get that face-to-face interaction (which although we all love communicating online, that in-person connection is everything)  
  • Prior to Account­ Based Marketing, events were a quarter of the budget. Now events are over half, driving the largest number of leads for the pipeline. These include events such as field marketing, executive dinners, and large company conferences.
  • The marketing tools they see success with include Salesforce Campaigns, Marketo, Eventbrite, and of course, DoubleDutch
  • Things to remember when preparing for an event:
    • Before you send any emails, make sure you have the right list. Create a drip campaign and personalize it so that someone would want to open it and engage.  
    • If you have the ability/resources, consider using an event app as part of the stack in event marketing for real-time engagement and data-driven results.
    • Don’t just send the agenda.  Consider the time leading up to the event as a content channel to provide value add to the user.  Feel free to ask them what they want from the event and try to incorporate it.
    • Create a sense of a community and exclusivity if applicable. Mention other attendees so that the user knows who they will have the chance to network with!
    • Think outside of the box!  For example, gamification is a great way for people to engage and interact beforehand. I mean, who doesn’t love free things? I KNOW I DO!

Huge thank you to DoubleDutch for throwing such an amazing event! If you want to learn more, please feel free to check this out: The Rise of the Event Marketer



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