Lessons from the Content2Conversion Conference

Lessons from the Content2Conversion Conference

Earlier this week we were in Phoenix soaking in the sun and learning tons at the Content2Conversion Conference hosted by Demand Gen Report. The Content2Conversion Conference brought together the top thought leaders and practitioners in both content and demand generation and we wanted to share some actionable tips and best practices for content creation to our valued publishers.  Beyond having really great speakers, they also had an illustrator who took notes on the session in a unique and visual way – super impressive! As you can see in the image below, one of the key ideas was to give the right message to the right buyer at the right time: there is a balance between being on point and relevant but also standing out and using your own voice.  Kingman_Ink_Right_Message_1216x1216-r-w1080-h608-q75-m1455741935Here are some of the other sessions we attended and the main takeaway too:

  • Balancing Brand Equity With Marketing Innovation
    • The three keys to success = vision, voice, visibility.
  • Planning Content Campaigns From Concept To Click
    • Establish your core → Baseline your analytics → Refine your execution → Innovate.
  • Great Content Isn’t Enough. It’s About The Content Experience.
    • Make sure that any asset or content piece lives in a tailored experience for the end user.
  • Insights Must Do More Than Excite – They Must Incite
    • In order to have an impact, make sure your content creates urgency, creates value, and creates action.
  • Steps To Measure The Impact Of Your Content Campaigns
    • For the top of the funnel, pay attention to visitors by page and name capture (total number vs new names).
  • Advocacy: Your New Source Of Impactful And Authentic Content
    • The best content comes from your customer’s voice.

 So keep on writing, friends!

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