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Content Ideas For March

Content Ideas For March

March is around the corner and we know it can seem like a challenging content month (feel free to use the St. Patty’s bulldog above). Fear not. We also have some other ideas for you!Spring Break – (whichever kind of spring break suits your brand) Continuing with our travel theme from February, March is a great time to talk about a beach escape. Its also the month people begin to plan larger summer trips to destination spots like Europe. Airlines are running plenty of specials and the big travel sites want all the business they can grab. Help your readers plan their spring breaks, summer wedding travel or other trips ahead and see your commission numbers pop. (Also: don’t forget late season ski vacation getaways and special passes! Many Western resorts support a late season deal that might be fun for you or your readers.)Routines – We’ve been seeing a growing trend towards talking about routine establishment of all kinds. Productivity routines, morning routines, sleep routines… Mason Curry’s Daily Rituals site. Pretty much any lifehack type of improvement that can be incorporated into people’s everyday is a great way to feature the products and apps that helped you get there. Whether its fitness trackers, productivity apps or things as simple as recipes and kitchen tricks, readers love to hear how days are spent and get into the details. March is a great month to dive into a couple of posts around your personal day and also to potentially loop back to your resolutions, as well!Winter Sales – cold weather everything is going on sale this month so be sure to take advantage!Spring Cleaning – Pointers on what to clear out, where to sell it (ThreadUp, Tradsey among others) and photos/ other content around your fresh start are welcome additions to normal content. Before and after photos work for any space, car, desk, home gym area. Spruce everything up and report back.Blog and site improvements- Get your community involved with surveys, take this month to think about long-awaited redesigns, work with Optimizely on some A/B testing, heatmap with SumoMe. All of these actions can not only improve your site and metrics but also be interesting tools to help your readership learn to use as well. Who doesn’t love to get a little peek behind the scenes now and then?Take a class for yourself to learn something new! General Assembly has greatly expanded their offering of online courses. With coding academies like and others, online education is not only an awesome use of time but a great investment as well. Lynda offers shorter commitment course ideas for anyone looking to learn, and sharing these lessons with your community about new things for them to learn is always inspiring.March Madness (March 15 through April 4) – if you have some way of setting up a fun bracket that uses your subject matter or community creatively, this could be a great option.Saint Patrick’s Day (March 17th) – see our friendly bulldog (but also theme parties, dying all things green, ask what your readers do to celebrate).And if we have to, the election. But perhaps we won’t have to? Discretion advised! This one will be up for grabs all. year. long. Perhaps save for later date, if ever.Until April!Cameron and the VigLink Marketing Team  blog-CTA-v2-1 (1)

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