Thank You(s)

It’s likely your mom will appreciate this post but don’t let that stop you from reading.

Here at VigLink, we really like saying “thank you” and say it a lot, with meaning. Working with people and clients you like builds a culture of gratitude: people are always saying thank you after meetings, sending a note along after something someone did moved the needle, or giving small gifts as thanks for an above and beyond effort. Saying thank you also seems to have the contagious effect of making people feel happier, more appreciated and more likely to pass along their thanks to the next person.

On top of all of this, sending great and creative thank yous makes for good content. When was the last time you genuinely thanked someone for going out of their way for you? Do you have a particular way you like to say thank you that is all yours? Maybe you love a go-to card designer or gift? Or you love to send flowers from one florist in your city? Whatever you do, there can never be too much appreciation. Here are some of the ways we have been saying thank you recently – we hope you’ll borrow from this list and make your own. And of course, THANK YOU for reading this!

  1. Doughbies. If you haven’t heard of Doughbies and you live in San Francisco, we are here to tell you its the greatest delivery service around: they make and deliver baked goods, still warm, right to your favorite person of the moment. The baked goods are not only delicious but beautifully wrapped, and the courier gives the recipient your message. Always a crowd pleaser!
  2. Give the gift of Audible. While its generally hard to pick out books for someone, Amazon’s Audible is a great option for people who might like to listen to the books of their choice. Great for frequent travelers, commuters or just about anyone else, Audible offers gifts of 3 month, 6 month or year long subscriptions.
  3. BloomThat is making a name for itself as the go-to flower delivery service in the Bay Area, but flowers and plants from Farm Girl Flowers, The Bouqs, and others all over the country never fail to please. Each offers quick delivery and outsized joy!
  4. Handmade thank you cards with a real actual handwritten note inside. We never tire of searching Etsy for fun, beautiful thank you notes that not only keep us remembering how to write (by hand!) but also support independent screen printers, designers and others around the world. We particularly love Primp Prints, BDR Studio, and Print, Stitch and Paste.
  5. Wine tasting box from VineBox. When it comes to low commitment, high value wine experiences these guys have it down. Each box comes with three patented “tubes” of the fancy stuff, each in a measured glass size and complete with custom cards to tell your recipient about each type of wine they are tasting. An awesome thank you for the wine enthusiast in your life (but watch out, they will be hooked by how cool this product is so you’ll probably hear about this one forever!).
  6. Blue Apron or Plated boxes. Send the thank you gift of grocery shopping and fun cooking! There are quite a few of the these companies now, but these two are most widely available and have their offering pretty dialed at this point. Who doesn’t want a fancy dinner to cook when its all bought and pre-measured?
  7. Picture books and prints from Artifact Uprising. Not only is the website full of fun gift ideas but they are all customizable and sustainably made. CO-born Artifact Uprising might now be owned by photo-editing behemoth VSCO, but the soul of the site is still very apparent and delightful for both the thank you gift buyer and recipient.
  8. Send someone out to dinner! The tried and true restaurant gift certificate is still a great thank you, and most places will now let you call and order from anywhere.

While this is just a starter list, there are ALWAYS ways to thank everyone on your list for even the smallest things. Gratitude is not only good to practice but also a fun way to be creative. We hope you’ll take an opportunity in the near future to tell us all how you thank the people in your life and inspire more and more (and more!) thanks from everyone who reads what you write!

(photo courtesy of Doughbies, the most delicious delivery cookies in all the land) (sometimes we deliver them to ourselves).



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