In this video, we explain how to determine your eligibility to affiliate to a given merchant. There are a few different scenarios that could occur when you search for a merchant. Depending on your program eligibility either all, some, or no merchant products will affiliate. Let’s jump in with a few examples below…

1) Say, for instance, that we want to know if we can affiliate to Barnes and Noble.  When we click into the merchant record page it shows that their pricing is both CPC  (meaning cost per click) and CPA (which means cost per acquisition). We also see that program eligibility is green meaning all merchant products affiliate. This means that we can affiliate to them on both a CPA and CPC basis. Keep in mind that your program eligibility will only ever be green if you can affiliate to that merchant on a CPA basis.

When we scroll down, the approval status appears  “approved for all possible programs or geographies”. This means we’ve done all you need to do to affiliate to this merchant and there is no further action to be taken. We can also see the commission rate and where that merchant accepts traffic from on the merchant record page.

2) Next, let’s take a look at American Eagle Outfitters (PAUSE)  When we click into their merchant record page, we see that like Barnes and Noble they offer both CPC and CPA pricing. However, here our program eligibility is showing up as yellow. This means we are only able to affiliate to American Eagle on a CPC basis, and they pay for clicks to certain products that they choose and change daily. If we want to apply to American Eagle Outfitters’ CPA program, we can scroll down to Approval Status and click “Request Approval”.

Once you have requested approval you will see your status change to pending. This means, that your request has gone directly to our merchant team and merchant partners for processing. Please keep in mind merchants review requests on different schedules, some do this weekly, while others only do it monthly. At the end of every month you will receive an automated email telling you which merchants have approved you for their whitelist and which have not.

3) Next, let’s search for Pottery Barn Kids.When clicking in to their merchant record page, you can see that they only offer CPA pricing, but that our program eligibility is red. This means that we can not affiliate to them at all, however you can request approval to be accepted into their program.  In order to apply to their program, please click “Request Approval”.

4) Finally, It is important to understand yellow under program eligibility can mean two things. When you have CPC and CPA pricing and eligibility is yellow, that means you can affiliate on a CPC basis, but not on a CPA basis. However, when the only pricing option is CPC and program eligibility is yellow, that means you are already affiliating and have no further action to take.  An example of this scenario would be musician’s friend.



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