Content Ideas for April

April is almost here and with this month come some great content opportunities beyond your normal editorial schedule. Here are a few we’ve compiled for you to have top of mind!

April Fools Day is this coming Friday, April 1. Not a big joker? Not to worry. There will be enough April Fools jokes all over the internet to keep you from having to do anything of your own, but make sure to point out whatever Google, Netflix and these other favorites are scheming to your readers.

Tax Day falls on the 18th of April. Sure, you can talk about TurboTax being your savior (no? just us?) but this is also a great opportunity to talk about how to spend that refund! Trips! Items you’ve been waiting for! And even, as one of our coworkers will point out, a dog (the small half of the dogs pictured here). However, H&R Block and TurboTax are both VigLink merchants, so a quick mention sometime in the first week of the month couldn’t hurt.

Earth Day is on April 22. What will do to celebrate the Earth? How can you help your community contribute back to making the world a better and happier place?

April is a great month to talk about summer plans, later spring vacation plans or particularly nice spring destinations. Be sure to check the Merchant Explorer for travel deals.

Bonus: plan ahead for Mothers Day, which falls on May 8th. Be sure to leave time for gift ordering and delivery by posting in the last couple of weeks in April.


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