How to Earn More in May

How can you make May your most successful month of content ever? We have some ideas for you!

Important Dates:

May 7- Kentucky Derby: Horse racing fan or not, there is always something to talk about having to do with parties, oversized hats, mint juleps, or simply other ways to spend a day in May!
May 8- Mother’s Day: Be sure to get your gift guides up with enough time to order. If you are in need of some excellent ideas (if we do say so ourselves), check out our favorite Mother’s Day gifts here.
May 30- Memorial Day: Three day weekend! Unofficial start to summer! BBQs and flip-flops! Whatever you’re doing to celebrate, be sure to share with your community (travel, fashion, food, parties, giving back are among the top ideas from our team). Memorial Day also makes a great kicking off point for a project or other exciting news to share, so use the excuse to kickstart something awesome for the summer.

Key Topics:

Graduation Season is about to begin in earnest. What advice do you have for new graduates? What books would you read or places would you go if you were just getting out of school? Graduation is also a great opportunity to give personalized gifts of all kinds to commemorate the great class of 2016.
Wedding Season is on the way, which means wedding gift lists, travel planning and all things summer wedding-oriented.

For Fun:

May is National Bike Month! Some of our favorite bike companies are based right here in SF and many VigLinkers are bike commuters. We will be celebrating by continuing to complain when we get flat tires, getting caught in the random early morning sprinkles we’ve been having, and forever watching out for the Muni Tracks!



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