How to Increase Engagement and Conversion

We asked VigLink’s Data Science team and some of our most experienced publishers what kind of content will maximize reader engagement and revenue. We’re excited to share their expertise with you as part of our ongoing effort to provide you with actionable insights and data.

  1. Capture attention with a steady stream of social media posts

Design Milk’s Jaime Derringer says, “Having a constant presence on social media channels has dramatically improved the visibility of my blog. I would recommend trying to post frequently on social so that you are always in front of your clients, customers or readers.”

While it’s important to use social media daily, publishers like Design Milk opt for quality rather than quantity. This means 1-3 quality posts per day across outlets like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Anything higher could overwhelm your readers, and lead to disengagement.

Across many of VigLink’s top publishers, the most successful posts are concise, clear, and conversational. Respond to your readers’ comments so they feel a personal connection to your content, building trust in your recommendations that will lead to increased conversions.

  1. Use face-to-face networking to build credibility and community

Some VigLink publishers predate the social media age. Audizine, for example, trace their success back to early efforts to build in-person relationships in addition to online connections. Audizine’s founder, Anthony Marino, spoke to this point during a recent chat:

“For us, it’s hugely important be personally active and engaged with the community. These online communities that all of us run are for real people with real interests,” says Marino. “There are most likely conventions, symposiums, and other real-world meet-ups you can attend to reach potential readers. Or better yet, organize your own! Face-to-face networking and word-of-mouth marketing are still real things, and important ones at that. Get out there and shake some hands!”

Building your credibility in-person carries over to the digital realm. Your readers are more likely to trust your recommendations, driving higher click-through rates!

  1. Know which days and times your readers are shopping

Our Data Science team analyzed data pulled from our network of 300,000+ publishers and discovered Saturday is the highest-converting day of the week (Friday is the lowest). Further, conversion rates are higher in the morning, and drop-off by the late afternoon. Check out more comprehensive rankings below:

Days of the Week with Highest Conversion Rates

No. 1Sat
No. 2Sun
No. 3Mon


Time of Day with Highest Conversion Rates

Rank24 Hour Time
No. 19
No. 27
No. 310
No. 48
No. 513 (1p)


This doesn’t mean you should stockpile all your best posts for Saturday mornings—rather use the tools at your disposal, like the VigLink Dashboard, to get to know your readers’ habits and take advantage of these trends.

This week, consider posting a few more times on Twitter. Sign up for a networking event. Check your Dashboard to see if sales increase on Saturdays. And keep your eye on the VigLink blog as our Trends & Insights and Weekly Roundup can be sources of inspiration for your content!




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