In this Trends & Insights, we’re talking a look at the top performing content over the last two weeks. There are two key takeaways based on our findings that you can incorporate into your content. First, titles with numbers in them imply lists, and readers love lists! They are an enticing way to get optimal clicks on your content and ensure readers looking to peruse will still be exposed to the main ideas. Breaking the content into distinct sections allows readers to zero in on which they are most interested in, therefore making them more likely to convert. Second, titles with the words “best” and/or “worst” in them perform very well. If someone is searching for “photo-book-making sites” or “Caribbean getaways” they are likely to be attracted to the idea of finding the best one. Similarly, they will also want to know which are the worst in order avoid them.  Try incorporating lists into your content and hinting at them in the title while using the words “best” or “worst” to see an increase in the revenue your content generates.

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