VigLink Gift Guide for Father’s Day 2016

Stumped on what to get your dad for Father’s Day?  We asked one of the wonderful new additions to our team to compile a list of fun gifts for all dads.  Check out what our Senior Applications Developer, Mike Christensen, found:


In no particular order…

1-2. This old-fashioned making kit would be great for any dad who wants to celebrate his day with a cocktail.  You can even top it off with a gift card to Taster’s Club, which signs him up for a whiskey of the month and makes him an expert about what he is drinking!

3. Every dad likes to jam out while doing tasks around the house.  Purchase these high-end Sonos Speakers to make him the “cool dad” on the block!

4. If your dad likes to life on the edge, go big and treat him with a pre-packaged adventure trip! Let someone else take care of all the planning, all you need to do is show up ready to have a once in a lifetime adventure.  

5. Is your dad the first one to fix anything that’s broken? Show him your appreciation with automotive tools such as this beautiful wooden toolkit from Bespoke Post.

6-8. If you’re in need of some quality time with him, consider getting a nice game set and set up monthly date nights where you can battle it out for the title.  There are so many fun options like Backgammon, Bocce Ball, or Croquet!

9-10. Does your dad enjoy long bike rides and/or walks on the beach?  This is your chance to be his favorite child and purchase him an awesome performance bike or beach cruiser!

11. Being a dad is hard work and it can be stressful too! Help them find their zen with a brand new yoga mat from Gaiam.

12. Treat every golf enthusiast to a brand new pair of kicks to make sure he’s always stylin’ on the course.

13. Every dad could use a little help organizing his life. Pick up this stylish travel tube to make sure he is always prepared for every trip!



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