Don’t feel like buying a gift off the registry?  We’ve got you covered with our 2016 Wedding Season Gift Guide! Write about these affiliable items in your content to help your readers pick out this year’s best wedding gifts.

In no particular order…

1.  First off, send these the second they get engaged.  My best friend does this with all of her closest friends.  It really starts their celebration off right.

2.  I am a true believer that you can never have enough cutting or serving boards!  Purchase this or that to add that extra touch.

3.  Sweet dreams (and marriages) are made of cheese.  Can’t go wrong with this gorgeous marble cheese plate and matching cheese knives.  If you want to go big or go home, add a gift card from their favorite local cheese shop!

4.  For all those coffee lovers, get them a coffee subscription from one of our chicest local coffee shops.

5.  If you’re aren’t using their registry, I think it is always great to grab something they might not purchase themselves.  Check out this adorable black and white bocce set.  YES please!

6.  Cooking for two can be hard!  Give them tons of inspiration with these fun cookbooks – Newlywed CookbookCooking for Two, or One pan, two plates,

7.  What couple doesn’t love wine?  Rombauer is a favorite go-to of mine, or you can give them a keepsake for the future with this.

8.  If the couple is moving into a new place/home, I highly recommend buying them a personalized doormat.  Pottery Barn has tons of fun options (12, & 3)



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