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Prime Day 2016 is upon us!

Prime Day 2016 is upon us!

Did you know that during last year’s Prime Day 398 items were ordered every second. This year, Prime Day is set to occur July 12th! For those who aren’t familiar with Prime Day, it will feature more than 100,000 deals worldwide exclusively for Prime members, making it the biggest Amazon event ever. Take advantage of your readers purchase intent by informing them of the sale and guide them on how they can best take advantage of it. Be sure to remind them that the only way to get in on the exclusive sale is by being an Amazon Prime member. Did you know that Amazon pays publishers a referral bonus of three dollars for all Prime signups they drive? All you have to do is link your readers to Amazon Prime’s sign-up page!If your know where the majority of traffic originates from, use the data provided by Amazon to choose which products to write about. Below you will find which products different countries purchased most last year’s Prime Day. Say, for example, most of your traffic originates from Canada and the U.S., then it would make sense for you to share upcoming deals on headphones and pet products.

  • Canada: Headphones, diapers, and slow cookers
  • France: Video game consoles and speaker systems
  • Germany and Austria: Sandals and sweets
  • Italy: Routers and beard and hair trimmers
  • Japan: Skin care, household supplies and herbal supplements
  • Spain: Heart rate watches, sports computers and GPS devices
  • U.K.: Video games, headphones and power toothbrushes
  • U.S.: Toys, mobile device cases and pet products like toys, food and treats

Amazon shared in their recent press release what will be new on this Prime Day. Share this information with your readers ahead of time so they know what to prepare to purchase!

  • Deals are Everywhere – Members can shop deals on all devices, across nearly all categories, in all Prime countries.
  • Lots of TVs – The deal inventory of TVs in the U.S. will be nearly 2x than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.
  • Toys All Day – Members in the U.S. will find toy deals nearly all day on Prime Day.
  • Watch-A-Deal – Readily track and shop any deal while at home or on-the-go with the Amazon App.
  • Sort by Category – Newly-enhanced deal shopping is designed to help customers swiftly sort deals by category.

Happy Shopping!

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