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VigLink’s Manager, Business Operations, Tyler Stauss Ft. by Thalamus

VigLink’s Manager, Business Operations, Tyler Stauss Ft. by Thalamus

Here at VigLink, we know that our amazing employees deserve a lot of credit for the company’s success. One of our all-stars, Tyler Stauss was recently featured in a blog post, “VigLink on Monetizing In-Content Affiliate Links for Publishers” by Thalamus. Thalamus is the largest research database of ad vendor data in the world.Tyler’s role as Manager, Business Operations touches almost every part of the organization. He works with all teams including marketing, engineering, and the publisher and merchant teams to ensure that VigLink is running as smoothly and effectively as possible. Tyler also boasts a large amount of experience in the affiliate industry as a site owner himself, which sparked his interest in joining the VigLink team.In the post, Tyler touches on topics that vary from the affiliate industry as a whole, how publishers get paid, how VigLink tracks conversion, sponsored influence campaigns, and affiliate links on mobile.Here is a sneak peak at some of the questions Tyler answers in the article.

  • Publishers place Viglink revenue-generating hyperlinks in their content, and get paid as an affiliate whenever a user clicks through to purchase a product. How do you typically pay out publishers: on a CPC, CPA, CPS?
  • Viglink partners with over 2M websites and apps, with 50,000 advertisers running campaigns through your platform. How was Viglink able to reach this scale on both sides of your network?
  • How do your affiliate links work on mobile? Are there a lot of purchases made on mobile websites – and if not – is there any sort of cross-device identification to ensure proper attribution and payout to the right publisher partner?

To see the full Q&A find the article here. To learn more about Tyler see his video featured on The Muse

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