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Three Posts Your Readers Will Love

Three Posts Your Readers Will Love

Try these three methods to vamp up your blog content and engage your readers.

  • Make it Personal
    • Most of the bloggers in VigLink’s network have an extensive following that visit their site on a regular basis. Through thoughtful posts, publishers have secured a strong reader base who engage with their content frequently. One way your audience is likely to engage is through the comments section. If you don’t have a comments section on your blog, get one. If you do, look for recurring questions and answer them in a post to let your readers know that you’re listening. For example, if ten people ask you to write about your favorite vacation destinations, do it…and don’t forget to monetize those travel links while you’re at it!

  • Stay Topical
    • Be sure to always keep your posts topical. Even if you primarily write about electronics, know your readers are aware that the Olympics are currently going on. Your audience is interested in your perspective, even if it doesn’t necessarily have to do with the latest release from Apple. Nevertheless, try tying whatever is trending into your content for a higher conversion rate. In one of our recent Trends and Insights posts we discovered that the most purchased products often have to do with what is trending. For example, during the NBA playoffs there was an uptick in sales of Curry Basketball Shoes. Read more about that here.

  • Showcase your Favorites
    • No matter what vertical you represent, telling your readers what’s “in” at the moment is always a great way to incentivize them to purchase. When doing this, don’t just create a list of products. Be sure to add descriptions informing the readers why this specific product beat out so many others to make the list. Be sure to include an firsthand interactions you’ve had with the item so it’s clear that you took time and put thoughtfulness into curating the list. These are the attributes that lead to readers revisiting consistently, which ultimately will drive your site to success.

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