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Get Social with VigLink Anywhere: Instagram

Get Social with VigLink Anywhere: Instagram

A few weeks ago we introduced you to VigLink Anywhere as the ultimate social solution. Now, in the second installment of our Anywhere series, we’ll show you how to use VigLink on Instagram.Last month, Instagram surpassed 500 billion monthly users, and its headline-worthy growth is a great reminder of the global reach publishers can have on social media. So let’s get started!As a first step, review our guide on VigLink Anywhere basicsFrom your mobile device, log in to from the browser of your choice. Then click the hamburger button to access a drop-down menu; from there, click on the “Anywhere” link.

VigLink Dashboard - Mobile      VigLink Dashboard - Mobile

Paste your merchant link into the “Enter a URL” field. In this case, we’re going to paste a link to Sephora:

VigLink Anywhere - Mobile

Click on the orange “Build” button and your link’s changed to a redirect with your unique API key: we’re posting on social media, we’re going to shorten the redirect to a link:, log in to your Instagram account. When you post an image, you can add the URL to your caption — but keep in mind that Instagram doesn’t turn URLs into hyperlinks from the caption.

Instagram - Mobile

The better option — and what Insta pros do — is alert their followers that they’ve posted a link in their Instagram bio. Links in Instagram bios do turn into hyperlinks, and will lead your followers to the merchant destination.

Instagram - Mobile            Instagram - Mobile

Happy posting!

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