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Anatomy of a Winning Post: Taylor Strecker

Anatomy of a Winning Post: Taylor Strecker

For this month’s installment of Anatomy of a Winning Post, we’re taking a look at one of our favorite radio personalities and bloggers Taylor Strecker!Here are some tips culled from one of Taylor’s recent posts: “Tay’s Favorite Bags Right Now”Taylor Strecker

  1. Familiarity & Follow-up: One of Taylor’s defining characteristics as an influencer and writer is her closeness with her readers. She greets them familiarly and warmly, as though resuming a conversation with an old friend. From there, Taylor follows up on a bag she received a lot of interest in, demonstrating that she’s taking note of what drew her readers’ attention—and is game to go down an Internet wormhole to try and find the elusive Zara bag in question. We, as her readers, feel the personal connection, and we want more!
  2. Engage & Entertain: When that particular bag proves to be long gone, Taylor’s mission for the post is almost more compelling(!) than if she’d actually tracked down the bag: she’s going to find dupes and alternatives that speak to her (and her readers’) style. The post becomes the story of her vetting one-can-only-imagine likely dozens upon dozens of bags to tease out the winners. And even if the reader isn’t on the market for a bag, Taylor’s spirited side comments keep the reader engaged: “Yessssss!!!! Metallic is LIFE!!!” #metallicislife
  3. Mix & Mobilize: Readers want to feel empowered to make fashion forward choices, and a key way to ensure the majority of your readers are included in the conversation is to mix price points. Taylor gives a range of cute options—from a $300+ Furla bag to a $30+ Liquorish bag—so that budget fashionistas can score too! And, in case you were on the fence, wondering if you want to treat yourself, Taylor gives you that friendly extra nudge: “Listen to me… It’s never the wrong time to buy a new bag. Never. Don’t listen to your husband. You work hard. You need it. And it’s way less than a stupid set of golf clubs. So treat yourself to a shiny new bag that you will enjoy every single day.” Sold, Taylor!

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