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Sovrn has acquired VigLink

Together, we’re bringing you an even wider range of products and services. Power to the publishers.


Search VigLink’s product catalogue of over 350 million products!

Search VigLink’s product catalogue of over 350 million products!

At VigLink, we’re always trying to help our publishers by providing them with best-in-class tools that allow them to both earn incremental revenue and also gain deeper insight into their monetization strategy and audience. Did you know that VigLink boasts a product catalog of over 350 million products! Now, you can search that product catalog at scale. We’re very excited to release a flexible Product Search API which allows you to search  based on a keyword or phrase and quickly retrieve offers while maintaining a high degree of relevancy. The API’s response will include the following parameters:

  1. Product title
  2. Advertiser name
  3. Brand
  4. Normalized Product Category, e.g., “Fashion > Shoes”
  5. Advertiser country
  6. UPC
  7. Price
  8. Image URL
  9. Anywhere (monetized) URL

The Product API can be used for a number of applications including populating a complete storefront, inserting exact products into your posts or pages, creating comparison shopping boxes, and more! We’ll also be using this API to power some of the products launching soon that we think you’ll be really excited about. To learn more and see the full API documentation go here.

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