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Single’s Day: A Shopping Holiday You Should Be Taking Advantage Of

Single’s Day: A Shopping Holiday You Should Be Taking Advantage Of

You may think that Single’s Awareness is just another joking term for Valentine’s Day, but in fact, there is an entirely different celebration of the single life that takes place annually on November 11. Singles’ Day or Bachelors’ Day began in China in the mid ‘90s as a way for young men to blow off steam, but has since expanded to both genders around the globe. The day means different things to different people, and can range from an opportunity to show a loved one you care (as in you’re the only one for me), the chance to do something kind for a crush in the hopes of becoming more than friends, an excuse to celebrate the single life with your best girls or guys, or as Carrie Bradshaw would do: celebrate by treating yourself. Yup, momma wants a new pair of shoes.What Single’s Day Means for E-commerceAs with most Hallmark holidays, Single’s Day has morphed into one of the largest online shopping days in the world with everything from jewelry to flowers and chocolates being popular purchases, along with bigger ticket item like appliances and home goods. The largest e-commerce company in the world, Alibaba, put the holiday on the map, generating 9.3 billion dollars in sales in 2014 with the first billion being reached in the first 20 minutes. To put that in context, in 2013, a record-setting year for Cyber Monday in the U.S. did $2.29 billion in sales – in the whole day. Last year, Alibaba smashed their own record, doing 14.3 billion in gross merchandise volume (GMV) – a 60 percent increase from the previous year. In an attempt to up their game even further, for 2016, they’ve turned what was once just a 24-hour sale into 24 days of promotions. It will be interesting to see how that plays out for them.How You Can Cash InMake sure you’re including Single’s Day sales and promotions in your content. There are plenty of angles to take, whether you’re encouraging shoppers to spoil themselves, or to do a nice deed for a friend or loved one. Plenty of merchants will be offering extra commission and bonus offers in an attempt to cash in so make sure you’re maximizing your earning potential by shopping around rate. You’ll especially want to consider overseas merchants who are more familiar with the holiday.

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