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eMarketer: Performance Marketing in US Retail

eMarketer: Performance Marketing in US Retail

VigLink CEO, Oliver Roup, was invited by eMarkter to contribute to a report on performance marketing in US retail. The full report, available  to subscribers of eMarketer, takes a deep dive into the industry. Aside from defining performance marketing, it covers factors that will help drive pay-for-performance growth and how understanding the consumer journey can increase the value of performance ads.See a short snippet from the eMarketer report below:The move to people-based marketing is forcing affiliate platforms to adapt. […] As a result of this shift, multichannel marketers are using click behavior on affiliate links as a powerful signal of intent across channels. “We are seeing our behavioral data improve the performance of campaigns in other formats,” VigLink’s Roup noted. “That trend will accelerate.”[…] a more holistic view of the customer journey shows that affiliate marketing can also be more important earlier in the consumer journey, as discussed above. “In the past, affiliate was regarded primarily as a tool to drive consumers to their purchase event,” Bhagtani explained. “Now it is also viewed as a channel for consumer discovery leading to more brand engagement.”Focusing on the person rather than the channel also opens up the possibility of dynamic pricing, which can extend to offers as well.screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-7-30-26-am 

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