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Make Money on Social Media with VigLink Anywhere

Make Money on Social Media with VigLink Anywhere

Unless you have a site that gets massive amounts of monthly traffic, monetizing your online presence requires a multilayered approach to diversify your revenue streams. While most people are familiar with the basic ways to earn money from their blog – affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, brand partnerships, digital advertising, email blasts, and so on – did you know you could also monetize your social media channels? Rather than embedding HTML code like you would on a blog post, VigLink Anywhere lets you create one-off links that you can indeed, use anywhere. These links are super easy to build from either your publisher dashboard or the VigLink Bookmarklet bar before using a URL shortener like to make them look more appealing.Turn Any of Your Social Media Profiles Into a Revenue Stream:Instagram: With just one link on your Instagram profile, that space is valuable real estate and should be updated often. Make sure the corresponding image is well edited and includes a strong call to action to click the link to learn more. “Things organized neatly” posts do really well for promoting products, while zoomed in fashion accessory shots can also add a sophisticated lifestyle touch to your feed. The main goal of Instagram marketing is to ensure that promotional posts blend as seamlessly as possible with the rest of your feed. is a great free app that lets you drag and drop images to lay out your feed before you ever upload anything live.Twitter: Since Twitter posts are limited to 140-characters, promoting products with glowing reviews is challenging, but it can be done. Use to identify trending hashtags you can tap into for extra exposure, especially on certain days of the week. #ThrowbackThursday is a great place to promote a retro fashion look, while #TravelTuesday is the perfect opportunity to share a link to a great hotel or booking website.Pinterest: Pinterest is a haven for links; so don’t be shy about how many Pins you create (in fact, best practice says each article should have 3-5). A place for essentially creating online dream boards, the secret to being successful on Pinterest is killer graphics. is an amazing free app that lets you create a variety of designs in seconds. Mix up your layout styles with collages, images, and fonts to see which type of Pins perform the best.Facebook: Despite Facebook limiting the organic reach of branded pages, the network is likely still one of your most valuable assets. You can test boosting posts with affiliate links or creating targeted ads to copycat audiences of specific brand pages. You never know – spending $5 or $10 a day to reach more eyeballs may payoff exponentially.

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