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Incorporate Valentine’s Day into your Content

Incorporate Valentine’s Day into your Content

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you may be asking yourself how you can profit from one of the biggest gift giving holidays of the year. To understand that, it’s important to understand buyer behavior. According to MarTech, 16% of presents will be purchased online with online shoppers spending 31% more than at brick and mortar stores. It’s also been gleamed from Internet Retailer that men spend about 2.3x more than women with experiences more sought after than physical products. Beyond “a night out on the town,” jewelry, flowers and candy are the most commonly purchased items.Now that you know how people shop and what they buy, the question still stands, how can different verticals capitalize on the holiday?Fashion Bloggers

  1. Suggest Gifts: 34.5% of people will shop at department stores during Valentine’s Day, which can be a great source of affiliate revenue. Make sure your promotions highlight clothing and accessories as an ideal gift for him or her.
  2. Create a Style Guide: Gift guides are great for identifying trends, but you can also create content around helping your readers’ put together the perfect look. Your messaging should remind readers that Valentine’s Day is the time to get dolled up, and include a variety of outfit choices in a range of prices and styles from night out to daytime fab.

Electronic Sites

  1. Choose Your Wording Wisely: While gadgets are not thought to be especially romantic, they can still make a great gift if you highlight their usefulness for communication. Devices like smart phones and tablets may seem utilitarian, but at their core, are the way you stay in touch with friends and loved ones.
  2. Something for Her, Something for Him: Almost everyone already has a smart phone or device so sometimes the best gift is simply an upgrade. Since men do most of the shopping, you may entice him with a gift for himself while he’s already in the buying mood.

Lifestyle Sites

  1. Sell the Experience: At its core, a holiday is the time to make memories. Offer a range of activities that readers can do together like wine tasting and painting or improv classes – things couples have likely never done before. Conversely, you can also suggest your readers take an interest in their partner’s favorite activity to show they’ve been listening and are committed to experiencing their pastimes together.
  1. Take a Trip: Travel is never a bad gift, especially since millennials love collecting experiences over things. Your content can include suggestions for unique local tours, all-inclusive vacations or even staycation packages in your own city. While it may not be an instantaneous gift, it offers something to look forward to, which for some, is even more exciting.
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