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Be the Cool Kid: How to Win Customers by Staying Ahead of Trends

Be the Cool Kid: How to Win Customers by Staying Ahead of Trends

What do your readers really want?It’s a question that has puzzled publishers since the beginning of time. In a day and age when customers are bombarded with content and recommendations from nearly every platform, channel and publisher, staying on top of trends can seem nearly impossible. Don’t you wish there was a magical way to snap your fingers and have the perfect hot topic, every time?As a matter of fact, you can. We created Trends Explorer to help businesses and publishers explore, search, and discover industry trends before publishing. It helps shape your content strategy, does all the research for you, and keeps your posts relevant.How does this magical software work?Trends Explorer collects the stats from more than 20 billion webpages to gauge reader interest in more than 500 million products. All those insights are segmented into My Trends and Global Trends with data that is updated and refreshed every two hours. My Trends shows you what’s relevant to your own content, while Global Trends summarizes what’s popular across our whole network of roughly two million publishers. Basically, we’re doing all the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on what matters: developing good content for customer retention.It’s easy to see trends from any industry and track how long something has been popular. Products can be easily segmented by categories like Sports & Fitness, Home & Garden, and Consumer Electronics. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Simply use the search bar to find a particular product or brand. You can tell how hot an item is by the number of orange bars it has in the upper right-hand corner of the image. Click on it for more information and you can see even more details about the product. This is a feature anybody can access, but our customers also have capability to share the link right from there with VigLink Anywhere.As Quarter 1 heats up, we’re encouraging businesses to be mindful of industry trends. Here are three ways you can better engage your customers:Follow Tip #36: Provide multiple access points to products. This means hyperlinks, image thumbnails, titles, etc. The most consumer touch points you create, the more likely a user will to take the action you want: purchasing something.Be creative: Share the trends in a series of thoughtful, creative posts. Gift guides and listicles are easy to navigate and can be as broad or as niche as you want.Be consistent: Consider adding a trends feature each month to your content calendar. Not only will your customers begin to anticipate the update, but you’ll also gain their trust and maybe even some new customers in the process. Need some help crafting thoughtful posts your readers will love? We have some ideas here.

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