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Tax Day is Upon Us

Tax Day is Upon Us

Tax Day may not be the most glamorous topic, but it’s relevant to nearly everyone in America (even more so than some holidays). Being this is such an important time of year for individuals and businesses alike, here are some helpful tips for incorporating Tax Day information into your content.Build Partnerships This is a great time of year to build upon the existing business relationships you already have. If your local tax guru or accounting company is running specials or deals, strike up a conversation about cross-promotion. You could ask for a return plug for your business or services, affiliate commission or even a discount on your own tax prep in exchange for helping them advertise. Word of mouth is still a powerful form of marketing so if a strong relationship is formed; utilize it in a way that is useful to you both! This can also be a good talking point when recruiting new partnerships. If you have a decent size following and are looking for a new tax outlet, you can relay the fact that you’d be willing to share the experience if the favor is returned. Not only should you get great service if they know you’re going to write about it, but a new partnership could be formed.Write from ExperienceProbably one of the biggest pains is shopping around for a good tax person. Not everyone wants to do their own taxes, but the thought of paying a professional high fees is also a deterrent. Use your expertise and influence to share what you uncover. Offer up insight into different fee structures and any promotions they may be offering. Remember, your readers want useful information so while giving a great review about someone you’ve worked with is helpful; your audience may not all be local. In this case, share any tax tools you may have used and recommend like these tax apps from Fox News.Document the DeductionsThis is the time to share what you’ve learned! Although all industries are different, your readers are likely in the same sphere you are. It might be nice to provide updates on filing rules and regulations for your type of business. On that same token, if you came across an interesting tax break when you file, share the wealth. While every individual is different, it doesn’t hurt to share ideas on places you can save money. TurboTax offers these suggestions as a good place to start.Offer a DiscountWhen all’s said and done, tax season is a stressful time of the year. Money is on the forefront of everyone’s mind, which means you may be able to capitalize by offering your own discounts. You can cater to those who got money back with enticing language about spreading their refund further or to those who owed by offering a “apologetic” discount to ease the pain.Regardless of where you stand, there are many ways to incorporate Tax Day into your content. Take advantage of the time of year and bring something new to the table for your readers.

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