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Understanding the VigLink Dashboard

Understanding the VigLink Dashboard

Sales are a numbers game and understanding your performance data is crucial to your success as a publisher. At VigLink, we make your analytics readily available to you anytime to help you analyze and optimize performance. If you need a quick refresher course about how to use the information presented on our dashboard, here you go:What You See:Once you login to your publisher account, you are immediately taken to the VigLink dashboard. The default tab you will see is total revenue by day for all campaigns for the past 30 days. There are tabs for EPC (“earnings per click”), sales, CTR (“click through rate”), and pageviews. To get more granular with the data, use the dropdown filters at the top to sort by websites you have the code installed (“campaigns”), VigLink products (convert, insert or spotlight), devices (desktop, mobile and tablet), and date range (yesterday, last 7 days, last 30 days, last week, this month, last month, or custom).Important Things to Note:-If you have more than one campaign running and select more than one website, the chart generated will give you side-by-side comparison of their performance for easy analysis.-Pageviews are only counted for pages you have the VigLink JavaScript installed.-Once you’ve generated the data you want, you can view it online, download it in a CSV file or print it.-You can mouse over the graph to see the exact revenue by day.-On each tab, the data is broken down even further below the graph. You can see exactly how many affiliate actions you’ve sent to each merchant and at what value (identified as click or purchase, depending on the type of campaign the merchant is running).-You can filter by pages on your site to see which blogs or articles have generated the most revenue, which can help guide your content strategy moving forward.-You can also sort by product to see which types of merchandise resonate best with your readers to understand what is earning you the most money.To view a video tour of the dashboard, click here.

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