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The VigLink Merchant Explorer

The VigLink Merchant Explorer

The Merchant Explorer is the place to find deals and offers from brands that partner with VigLink. The database has 50K merchants for you to peruse. Each merchant’s affiliate program has different terms and requirements so take the time to read through each one you’re interested in to see if you qualify.How to Use the Merchant ExplorerUse the search filter to find the best merchant for you to link to. You can sort results by category, pricing model (CPC or CPA), country, or campaign. The featured merchants are starred and have higher commission rates. Once you’ve found a brand you want to work with, take a look at their merchant page to make sure your site and campaign are a match for their product. You can see what countries they accept traffic from, their pricing model, if you’re eligible to affiliate, and their commission rate.There’s also an affiliate checker to see if a link can be monetized on your site. For open merchants with no restrictions, you will be automatically approved if you’re a VigLink member. For the programs you need to apply for, once you indicate you’re interested, your status will be changed to pending. You must apply separately for each campaign for all restricted merchants in the Merchant Explorer. Keep in mind that merchants may accept one campaign and reject another depending on their terms.​Things to Note:-The search bar is case sensitive so make sure you’re spelling the brand name correctly and using the correct punctuation if you’re trying to find a specific merchant.-Different merchants review affiliate requests on different schedules. Some check it weekly while others check it monthly. Don’t let it discourage you if don’t hear anything for awhile.-Make sure your VigLink account is approved before you start applying for campaigns or merchants. If it’s not, you may get an error message that you cannot affiliate across the board. Make sure you have JavaScript installed and your personal profile is up to date.Still have questions? Check out these FAQs for reference.

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