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VigLink Trends Explorer: Are You a Trendsetter?

VigLink Trends Explorer: Are You a Trendsetter?

Everyone gets writer’s block now and again. There are a few ways to combat that – dig into your analytics to see what keywords are driving people to your website to craft articles around that, see what’s currently trending on social media or use the VigLink Trends Explorer to see what products are popular by industry. Trends Explorer not only helps you come up with article ideas at the time of authoring, but it also makes sure you’re including the highest converting products in your content. We call that a win-win – you’re maintaining relevancy with your audience, while impacting your blog’s bottom line.About Trends Explorer:Trends Explorer is a free tool that takes into account over 20B pages in real-time to determine reader trends from our database of over 500M products.  Every month, about 850 million clicks are recorded in the VigLink network. Since we’re regularly processing so many transactions, it made sense that all that data benefits you too. We analyze and aggregate the information from all our affiliate publishers and merchants to help you craft the best content possible.
How to Use It:Say you have a fashion blog. Once you’re logged in to your VigLink publisher’s dashboard, simply click the “trends” link to see what’s popular in the apparel, shoe, and accessory world. You will first see the tab for global trends, which will show you the most clicked products by industry on a five-point scale designated by orange bars.The results will show up in descending order based on overall performance in our network (five out of five is very hot). You can filter by any category to see popular products that are relevant to your publication. “My trends” is another tab that will provide specific recommendations for your website property that populates once you have reached a certain threshold of data. 

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