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Content Tip #5: Know your stats.

Content Tip #5: Know your stats.

We all wish creating great content could be just a little bit simpler at times. From software and tools to improve your work to general productivity tips, we’re opening up the vault and sharing some of our best content production hacks with you. Some are helpful little reminders, some are big concepts to learn more about, but they’re all meant to get those wheels turning and the light bulbs popping to help optimize your business. Together we can all become more efficient and well-rounded content marketers so go forth and produce!It’s important to track your site’s stats not only to be sure that your audience is getting the most out of what you post but also to ensure that your work is producing a positive ROI. A few key stats to focus on are traffic sources (where your traffic comes from), bounce rate (how many of people leave your site from a given page), and time spent on page (how deeply engaged someone on the page was). By focusing on these stats you can ensure that the content you’re producing is correlating to other organizational goals.Additional Resources:

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